The World Chess Championship Chess Set

World Chess Campionship Chess Knight

What does this tournament have to do with the chess set?
In the cold spring of 2013 the World Chess Candidates tournament took place at the Strand in London, England. This was the first major outing for the new chess set. You can see photos of the world's number one chess player Magnus Carlsen playing with the set. If ever there was an endorsement then this was it. What we are seeing here is no repeat of history despite the tournament taking place yards away from where Howard Staunton first saw the original set in the mid 1800s. As yet there is no Magnus Carlsen signature model, but who knows, maybe if the producers of the set read this they might see this as an important marketing opportunity.

World Chess Campionship Chess KnightAndrew Paulson's company AGON who became involved with the tournament in 2012 now owns the rights to the tournament. It seems that a number of factors are coming together in the world of chess of which this new set is just one. Around the time of the tournament we saw more press coverage in the newspapers than has been seen at similar tournaments in England before. It would appear that the involvement of AGON has created quite a stir in the world of chess and by the looks of things, for the better.
Photo Left: Andrew Paulson & Daniel Weil walk with the Candidates


The World Chess Tournament shares the same black and white branding as the packaging for the set itself. There is little doubt that the tournament and the set have come from the same stable of organizers. The current World Chess website home page clearly shows the same hexagon based logo as the chess set packaging and depicts the king from the set in the main graphic. More information on this is here.

Moving forward

While we are still yet to see an explosion in the popularity of this chess set. The fact that it seems ingrained with the world chess tournaments suggests that it will soon become recognized as an established product for chess enthusiasts. If cheaper, smaller or even plastic sets come to the market then we could expect to see its popularity rocket. Right now the $300 sticker price will keep this set preserved for the prosperous chess players among us. But who knows, if a sub $80 set was released we could see a real threat to the one hundred and fifty year reign of Staunton.